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White Widow (Flying Dutchmen) :: Recensión de la Variedad :: Indoor :: No.97151323516850058 by 420cool

Perfil de la Planta sobre la White Widow (por Flying Dutchmen)

Esta Descripciòn de la variedad es una expresion individual hecha por , subido el 20.09.2011.

Cosecha , producciòn, Sabor, Aroma, potencia y efecto

Potencia / Duracion del efecto
La marihuana insanamente fuerte y dura mucho el efecto.
Tolerancia al fumar
tolerancia no existe.

Efecto / Impacto

El efecto de la Marihuana

Impresion General

White Widow (Flying Dutchmen)

lo tiene todo junto insana variedad - absolutamente recomendable
(En promedio 10 puntos en la escala de el 0 al 10 !)

Más información

420cool dice

Absolutely fantastic strain, I have observed two different phenos in this strain and one being a larger more producing pheno that actually has a smell all of its own. And then their is the second pheno that does not produce as much as the first pheno but can be flowered longer and actually has a sour smell and taste and it is also very floral with almost some hints of vanilla.

The crystals on these girls are something to behold, when its close to harvest it almost looks like dew on the buds....they look almost wet!! This is definitely the best strain that I have bar none!!

The pic above is mine!!
(20.09.2011, 21:02)