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Nombre: White Rhino
Obtentor: Bulk Seeds
Ubicación: interior, exterior
Tipo: mostly indica
Floración: ~58 días
Sólo disponible feminizadas.

Bulk Seeds - White Rhino

White Rhino is a powerful F1 hybrid of White Widow and a curiously strong Canadian indica strain. Its father contains more indica-genes than White Widow, its mother, making for denser, somewhat shorter plants. It was created extremely potent and one of the most exciting new genetic crosses available. The trichomes are large, and in charge.
Because of its high THC content, White Rhino would be very suitable for medicinal applications. Was bred for medicinal usage without loosing good taste and attractive smell.The taste of this smoke is hashy and slightly harsh, making it work well in a bong. The buzz is stoney and comes on hard. Very long lasting effect. White Rhino is perfect for indoor and outdoor and will thrive in SOG, SCROG, coco, aero systems. Indoors the plant is a great producer with yields 600g/m2+. THC and CBD are equally very high (20%+, 3%+).

Genes: mostly indica
Genetics: White Rhino
Flowering: 52 - 64 Days
Harvest: Medium
Height: Low, Medium
THC: High
CBD: Medium

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