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White Psycho

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Información del criador

White Psycho es una variedad indica/sativa de y se puede cultivar interiores (donde las plantas femeninas necesitarán un período de floración de ±60 días). Semillas de White Psycho de London City Genetics es dominante en THC y no están disponibles en versiones feminizadas.

Descripción de London City Genetics White Psycho

London City Genetics White Psycho Lineage : UK psychosis x White Russian (serious seeds)
Hybrid   : 70% indica 30% sativa 
Flower   : 8 weeks
Yield      : Very Heavy, squat plants, medium size
Smell     : Pungent, Leather, skunk, indescribable, Carbon filter killer.
Taste     : Strong, same as smell, coats mouth and lingers
NUGS     : Solid, Thick, Super Resin Coated Bats.

The psychosis is fast in veg, frosts up even faster, has great structure , great caylax to leaf ratio, a great yield, long lasting high,  and a stink so pungent growers have had to let her go through fear of loosing there liberty, she IS the original carbon filter killer!....

So what could you possibly pair with such a genetic relic of this magnitude that has it all?....

Serious seeds White Russian, European show stopper and UK mainstay for over a decade. Boasting Serious Resin Production of the finest quality, a one hitter quitter high, and a HUGE yield of dense A+ bud all this complementing the psychosis perfectly. 

White psychosis combines the best of both plants to produce plants of medium height with superb branching and perfect internode spacing making white psycho perfectly suited to indoor growing. Huge baseball bats of solid stacked Buds attached to a perfectly sized well spaced trunk provide extremely high yields.

The Psychosis is renowned for its supremely fast resin production, The white Russian coats itself in so much resin the buds appear white, Together they produce an hashassins dream, with a Huge return on runs and outstanding quality.

White psycho provides a mind melting high that will last for hours, backed by by the one hitter quitter from the AK, Serious potency, it will last for hours! White psycho has a full flavour that not only coats the mouth and nostrils, but clothes, chairs, rooms, even solid walls are no match for this super stinker! Clearing public spaces in an instant is no problem with this variety and can have you running from the stench of your own clouds!

Enjoy this rare skunk relic from a time before the stench was bred out combined with one of the best commercial euro buds there has ever been today!

We would like to give a huge Thank you to SERIOUS SEEDS for allowing us to use there masterpiece!

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