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Nombre: Vicky Peach
Obtentor: Pornoseeds
Ubicación: interior, exterior
Tipo: mostly sativa
Floración: ~55 días
Sólo disponible feminizadas.

Pornoseeds - Vicky Peach

"Vicky Peach's way of the AK" has it all! She's easy, gives loads and is one of the most hardcore out there! Its best to not flower this lady till atleast 5 weeks, she also likes to be topped (clip center cola) in veg to produce multiple fat cola's. Although she's a indica/sativa cross she retains mostly all sativa quilities (except for the short flowering period) The buds are hard dense nugs coated in resin and have the sweetest taste just like vicki peach but don't be fooled... She's a man wrecking sexsiren who will leave you drooling on the floor barely able to finish the whole joint!! She's great for commercial and home growers alike and in good conditions she can finish in 45 days although on average 50-60 days is the norm, she's also suitable for sea of green grows... But either way she producers massive yields very quickly!!

WARNING!! Extremely pungent odour in veg and flower so take extra care when playing with Miss Peach! you also should consider smelly proof bags for storage as the dry bud smells as much as the flowering plant.

''my ak will BLOW you away xx!!''

Genetics: 80% Sativa / 20% Indica; mexico - ecuador - thailand - south east afghanistan
Flowering Time: Medium, Long
Outdoor Harvest: oct
Height: Medium, Tall
THC Level: High, 15%-20% thc
Characteristics: Very very strong high and very strong odour in veg and flower

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Pornoseeds Vicky PeachPornoseeds Vicky Peach

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