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Ultra Chem SFV

Ultra Chem SFV

una variedad desconocida / legendaria

Aquí puede encontrar toda la información sobre la variedad de cannabis desconocida (o legendaria) Ultra Chem SFV. Si busca información sobre la variedad desconocida (o legendaria) Ultra Chem SFV, consulte la Información Principal, Linaje / Genealogía o Híbridos / Cruces sobre esta variedad de cannabis aquí en esta página y siga los enlaces para obtener aún más información. Si tienes alguna experiencia personal con el cultivo o el consumo de esta variedad de cannabis, ¡utiliza los enlaces de carga para subirlos a la base de datos!

Informacion Basica

Ultra Chem SFV es una variedad unknown de origen desconocido y se puede cultivar interiores y exteriores. .

Qué sabemos de la desconocida / legendaria Ultra Chem SFV?

Unknown strain from Texas

Probably (the name suggest it) something with Chem Dawg and SFV OG Kush inside...

BBG: I chose my "Ultra ChemDawg SFV", as it has proven to be a great starting point in the past. The "SFV" stands for San Fernando Valley, and has a history of being some of the dankest herb around. There's so much confusion about these Chem strains... including creation myths spread on the Canna sites. I've posted a history on the BBG site of the creation of The Dawg, offered by JJNYC some time ago. If you read it, you will laugh! What the fuck!

I received my Ultra from a friend from the web. I trust his judgments concerning quality dank, as he grows some of the best Sativa around, except for perhaps Sonic. When I grew it out it was all one could ask for IF you wanted to be satisfied with a 7.5 on a 10, then this was already there. I'm not. Never will be.

The Holy Grail in smoke hasn't been found by me thus far... but have come close in smoking some. Maybe I'll never be able to get there growing in NAmerica, as the best herbs ever smoked have been near the equator. The Thai Sticks grown in the highlands were my favorite. I can still taste that "Thai" sweet 'n strong while smoking a small hit in a bamboo bong. Then, when we became more bold, a whole reef rolled of it, YUMMM YUMMM ! Then there's the Hawaiian of the late 70's early 80's. Let no one bullshit you... herb such of that quality cannot be grown here in NAmerica, or Europe. You must go there. It is still grown there with Miracle Grow by the way! I have several friends still at it hard there. They grow some of the most insane herb in the world, bar none! NONE. "The Boom", smoked for several years down Jamaica way is another one that is a 9 on a 10 point. Will the allusive 10 ever be reached? Some will say, "Bro, you need to get out more!" Maybe so. Probably so. In the defense of NAmerican grown herb, I would offer that I have smoked some incredible herb, really decent herb, and believe that many of the strains that I create are right in there with the best of them and better than most of them. The best herb grown in NAmerica that I've ever smoked wasn't from a strain from me, or any of the best breeders around today (I've grown over 90+ strains in jess three years), so I might know. It came from a group of 50 clones we ran up on one day while going to our "project"... it was a 9 on a 10 point. The next day we returned to check it out better, it was all stolen with only 8 plants left forgotten on the ground. The smoke was other-worldly in flavor, resin production. The Ultra is a 7.5, and I'm being as honest as possible here. And why I seek to design strains that will achieve a strong 8.5, or even a 9 , there is no real 10. How could there be? Things are very subjective here with the appraisals of herb. Experience is the best teacher. But like fucking, everyone is an expert!!

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Ultra Chem SFV Linaje / Genealogía

Árbol Genealógico de Ultra Chem SFV

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Híbridos & Cruces con Ultra Chem SFV

Encontramos 10 descendientes directos de Ultra Chem SFV en la base de datos de seedfinder, aquí una breve descripción. Para ver todos los híbridos y sus descendientes, visite nuestra página de genealogía de Página Genealogía de Ultra Chem SFV y eche un vistazo a todos los descendientes directos, los cruces como las siguientes generaciones.

Dead Dawgs Walk'n SFV
Ultra Chem SFV x Tahoe OG Kush
OGK Knuckle Draggerz
Ultra Chem SFV x DeadHead OG
Ultra La Chem
Ultra Chem SFV x Pepe Le Chem
Golden Retriever
Jew Gold x Ultra Chem SFV
{Wi-Fi x Ultra Chem SFV} x Ultrabrite
Super Lemon Dawgfighter
Starfighter F2 x Ultra Chem SFV
Sweet and Sour Chem
Sour Larry Zoolander x Ultra Chem SFV
Ultimate Chem 818
818 OG probably x Ultra Chem SFV
Ultimate Lemon Bubba
{Bubba Kush Pre98 x Lemon Thai} x Ultra Chem SFV
The White x Ultra Chem SFV

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