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Información del criador

Toofless Tyrone es una variedad de floración automática ruderalis/indica/sativa de y se puede cultivar interiores y exteriores, donde las plantas femeninas, autoflorecientes necesitan ±79 días desde la siembra hasta la cosecha. Semillas de Toofless Tyrone de Mephisto Genetics es dominante en THC y solo están disponibles en versiones feminizadas.

Descripción de Mephisto Genetics Toofless Tyrone

Strain Name: Toofless Tyrone (Toofless Alien x Tyrone Stomper)

Autoflower?: Yes, on day 24

Soil/Hydro: Soil, 6 gallon fabric container

Nutes: Super soil on its 5th cycle (recharged 5 times). Well water only never ph'ed.

Lights: 1 300w mars knock off, old style directly above with some extra lumens from two other 300's in use

Days from seed to Harvest: 79 days from sprout

Dry yield: I don't grow for yield, I grow for trichomes and terpenes! Unweighed but if I had to guess, about 55 grams.

Effects: ***** (Smoke) Hybrid. This lady is Stoney! A very psychoactive feeling at first that washes over the senses. Seems to hit the head first and sinks into the body about 10-15 minutes later. The effects tend to be really good for pain. Whether it's a deep a pain like cramps, nerves, tendons or a surface pain like a cut or scrape.

Bag Appeal: ***** If this lady was put into a bag, she would would have mass appeal! Excellent overall flower structure with a heavy trichome coverage that would make even a non smoker say "wow".

Density: **** Very nice in this department. Great overall density. These flowers are not rocks but they are close. Without even squeezing a flower, you can see there is some density.

Growth: ***** Like all Mephisto strains, this lady is no exception. She practically grew herself. Nice Christmas tree structure with big chunky flowers.

Smell: **** This lady has a very unique terpene profile. Chronic musky pepper. It has that dank chronic smell we all know and love. There is a slight musk (alien) that goes with it, something that gives a hint as to the effects, heavy. There is a black pepper smell in there too. You get a hint of it in the beginning but it shines more at the end of the note. There is an ever so slight sweetness to the smell as well. It's very subtle but can be sniffed out.

Smoke: ***** The first hit has that musk from the alien with a heavy pepper taste on exhale. As you go through the bowl, the flavor develops further. The pepper taste starts to drop off and the sweetness comes through. The musk/chronic taste stays there but also fades to a sweeter flavor. By the end of the bowl, you have a big smile on your face with a sweetness left in your mouth like you just ate a candy. There is still a hint of the pepper there too almost like a carbonated beverage feel to it. It's very unique.
Nothing beats great genetics grown organically!

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Gas Hog x {Toofless Tyrone x 4 Assed Monkey}

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