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Nombre: Swazi Red
Obtentor: Afropips
Ubicación: interior, exterior
Tipo: sativa
Floración: ~90 días
No disponible feminizadas.

Afropips Seeds - Swazi Red

Swazi roolbaard from the top swazi breeder in nkomati region of swaziland. Roolbaard wich is afrikaans for red beard gets its name from and is renowned for its spectacular red bud hairs. Swazi is a high yielding and resinous pure african landrace sativa wich produces a strong natural high. The strain has a long odour, wich has been compared to a fine cigar and an earthy smoke with a high that is energetic and clear. Buds on this plant can reach the size of an adults forearm and ary typically compact and very sticky. This famous strain is enjoyed by many south africans.

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