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Nombre: Swacky
Obtentor: Tropical Seeds Co.
Ubicación: interior, exterior
Tipo: sativa
Floración: ~80 días
No disponible feminizadas.

Tropical Seeds Company - Swacky

Swazi is a -bad girl-, we have enjoyed a lot working with her in the last years. Results have being nice, better than expected.

It is advisable to control the vigour and growth speed in this strain. Doing the entire grow on the 12/12 schedule and lowering some light hours in the last weeks of bloom are good options. We use little pots, repoting only if neccesary, once the flowering intense stretching has finished. Watering when the soil has been dry for a bit, prefering airy mediums.

Appearance is of nice slender sativa, with long petioles and leafs. General expression is plants forming a central colla together with some extra flowering branches that end up giving a good number of buds and yield. The scents and bouquet are in the mild floral and quite intense and appealing citric both lemon and orangy that can be found in the majority of plants, founding even more tropical fruity scents in the backcross.

Flowers are denser and weight a bit more in the this last BC1 version. Also size is lowered and final appearance is more compact and flowers fill in nicely most of the plant. Still the lemony smell is quite easy to notice, some also show a fruity-peach scent. It can be a nice one to select one bud plants in small pots to be grown directly 12/12 from clones.

10 to 13 weekers when flowering. Nice sativa effect,some are really potent but most can be well enjoyed and used for all day smoking. Good for making things, activities, talking and laughing with friends.

Strain Lineage: (Swazi Polokwane x Ciskei P3) x Ciskei P3
Strain Type: 100% sativa
Type: Regular
Hybrid: Swazi x Ciskei BC1
Flowering times: 75-85 days
Yield: Usually medium, divided in big airy colas
Bouquet: Floral and citric, orangy, ripe fruits
Effect: Day time sativa, nice clear and inspiring sativa effect
Developed by: Locals ( Swa ), African Herbman ( SA ), aeritos (SP )

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