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Información oficial / Fundamentos sobre el Sputnik 1.0 de TGA Subcool Seeds

Sputnik 1.0
TGA Subcool
interior, exterior, invernadero
mostly sativa
~60 días
No disponible feminizadas.

Apollo-13 has long been a favorite of mine and I enjoy turning people on to it and have them trapped at my place for a few hours to stoned to drive. Once we finished the Black Russian project with that strains amazing ability to add color I was inspired to create a Purple Apollo just to see if it was possible. The resulting hybrid produces two distinct phenotypes one that’s purple and one that’s not. The purple variation starts changing color about week 5 and fades from light pink to vivid magenta. Smelling like Blackberry jam with a hint of spice it produces large semi dense cola’s with bright green stems to accent at times almost black/purple buds. The high is extremely fun and motivating, it seems to elevate my mode when I smoke it. The White variations are incredibly potent and the high just smacks you in the face and then you just stare at the wall for a few hours. It is a shorter type plant with rock hard Apollo like nugs. It also does very well outdoors finishing early in PNW avoiding the rains.

* Phenotypes-2 main variations one purple and one white
* Height -Medium stretch
* Yield-Heavy/ Easy trim
* Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
* Best way to grow-Topped early and trained to a large bush.
* Harvest Window-60 days
* Sativa/ Indica 60/40
* Hybrid: Apollo-13 X Black Russian
* High Type-happy, invigorating, motivating, stimulating
* Smells like Blackberry jam with a hint of spice/ Has a deep rich Berry taste with a slightly peppery after taste
* Maybe the most potent Purple I’ve smoked!

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