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Sour Cherry
Breeders Boutique
interior, exterior
~60 días
No disponible feminizadas.

The Sour Cherry is a strain created by a grower called Hemlock using a mix of genetics from various people from the UK, the US and the Netherlands.

Bringing various tasty strains together the Sour Cherry provides some lovely colourful surprises. With a number of distinct phenotypes seen so far, this strain produces some lovely Deep Purple and Red colours right within the calyxes as well as spreading out to sugar leaves. There are also some greener phenotypes with similar structure and fat flowers. This is truly a colourful weed. The structure takes on both the C4 calyx architecture and the Casey Jones conker like leaves that came through in the Caseyband.

Taken at 7-8 weeks the smoke is great, lovely racy high, but 9-10 weeks and the calyxes really swell up and create super dense bud structures. On the nose of the purple coloured Sour Cherry phenotype you have a nice citrusy sour smell and a sweetness when the bud is broken out.

First hit of the bong, lovely and smooth, doesn’t take your breath away, but gently caresses your throat. The hit wipes away last night’s cobwebs and bring an airy feeling inside the head; clear but also nicely high. I foresee this as a great day time smoke enabling you to get through your day with a super Cherry Smile on your face. More to come on the other phenotypes soon.

Type: Hybrid indica/sativa
Sex: Regular F2
Genetics: C4 (Casey Jones & Headband, Cherry Cheese, Livers (aka Blues)
Flowering Time: 7-10 weeks
Outdoor Harvest: Sept/Oct
Height: Medium
THC Level: Medium
Characteristics: Great daytime smoke enabling you to get through your day with a super Cherry Smile on your face.

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