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Snowdawg BX

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Información oficial / Fundamentos sobre el Snowdawg BX de Alphakronik Genes

Snowdawg BX
interior, exterior, invernadero
mostly indica
~63 días
No disponible feminizadas.

There are about 5 pheno's I've seen so far, and all of them are good to go. Although my personal preference is on the fruitier of the bunch, the aroma's and taste will vary from super skunky to lemon-lime to fruity pebbles with a cedarwood finish.

Lemon Lime seems to be the middle of the range (most commonly found in a pack of ten), with the skunky ones in second place, with the fruitier flavors being the hardest to find. They all have good yields, with the lemon-lime ones being the biggest it seems. Snowdawg is known as a good yielder (Pigfarmer recently pulled 10.8oz off of one indoors, with a 60d veg), so that is what our breeding selection is looking for, Snowdawg Dominant parents.

Hybrid: Snowdawg x (Snowdawg x Spacequeen)

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