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Información del criador

Silverfields es una variedad mostly sativa de y se puede cultivar interiores (donde las plantas femeninas necesitarán un período de floración de ±77 días) y exteriores. Semillas de Silverfields de Sannies Seeds es dominante en THC y también están disponibles en versiones feminizadas.

Descripción de Sannies Seeds Silverfields

Sannie's Seeds Silverfields Supersilverhaze X Killingfields F2
Large buds
Blueberry sweet scent and taste
Pink and purple buds

Benefits of Silverfields feminized
Sweet and potent are the keywords if you were to describe the Silverfields, nice big and sticky buds that can vary from green to purple. The strong genetic background makes the Silverfields a plant that is perfect to use if you are looking for that special plant to use for a longer period of time. In this F1 cross, there are several plant (pheno) types which makes it convenient for the strain hunters to make a good choice during selection. The Silverfields has a lot in common with our feminized Sugarpunch with the exception of a larger share of sativa, if you are more high and mellow oriented than the Silverfields is the better option.

Why choose Silverfields seeds
If you’re looking for an ideal hybrid plant created with the emphasis on taste and effect, you have found it. Silverfields is an easy plant in the growth and flowering period although she does require a tight hand to control the sativa properties. The reward is beautiful hybrid plants colouring from green to pink and light purple and covered with trichomes which ensures very sticky buds.

How Silverfields originated
The Silverfields originated from the fantasy of my friend and fellow breeder Knutsel to create a hybrid plant that would produce plants that would carry on the best qualities from their parents. Knutsel is always searching for the most suitable plants that can be used to pursue its purpose. Supersilverhaze excels in THC percentage and effect and has a beautiful appearance, Killingfields excels in THC percentage and size of the buds and, of no lesser importance, she possesses the Blueberry purple influences. The combination ensures plants that excel in potency and are beautiful to look at as well.

Made by Knutsel and Sannie

Growth and flowering Silverfields feminized
Silverfields is a sativa dominant hybrid which means that she’s a firm grower which needs to be taken into account, 9 plants per 1 square meter is the maximum which is suitable to start a 12/12 lighting schedule as soon as possible. The first weeks should be successful then and the space will be fully filled with plants of about 1.5 meters height. She also likes to be offered on a net (growing scrog) or undergoing other training methods.

The flowering starts when the plant knows how big it can become and then proceeds rapidly. Silverfields quickly closes the buds that will swell up to large proportions with little leaves. This F1 generation offers many different plants and therefore also offers lots of choice from different buds which can vary from green to purple without requiring the cold to achieve this. Silverfields blooms for 10-12 weeks and during this period, it produces a large, thick, high-quality buds.

Harvest Silverfields
When the overall plant looks finished and approximately 80% of the pistols (hairs) have colored from white to brown, the plant appears to be ready to harvest. However, we also advise you to take a magnifying glass and double check whether the trichomes (resinous beads on a stalk) have changed from transparent to milky amber. Only then you will know for sure that it's time to cut them. We advise to hang plants in its entirety to achieve a drying period of at least 2 weeks (but preferably a little longer), this will benefit the taste and throat feeling!

Explosive taste and effect
By using two parents who excel in taste and effect, it does not come as a surprise the Silverfields is oozing with potency. The soft taste which is difficult to describe, is complex with fruit and lemon undertones but you can definitely taste that you are dealing with a sativa dominant hybrid. The smoke does not expand in the throat and leaves a kind of oily layer which ensures a longer aftertaste. This is a typical Haze property.

Medicinal properties of Silverfields
This Hybrid has both a solid high and a light stoned in it which can vary per plant and the user will have to experience which plant is suitable for the condition for which it should be used. The effect is strong, and it is wise to start with small amounts and go from there slowly.

Medicinal applications
Smell and taste of Silverfields
Complex scents which vary from fruity to sour with a clear haze undertone also reflected in the taste.

Sour / Grape

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Opiniones de Silverfields

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Impresion General Interior

Tiempo de Floracion en interior
56 - 70 dias (±63 dias)
Produccion / Cantidad Interior
La cosecha de esta variedad es alto
Impresion General Interior
Silverfields lo tiene todo junto extraordinaria y ampliamente recomendable
Las votaciones de nuestros usuarios
Silverfields obtener 7.50 de los 10 posibles puntos en el promedio!

Conocidos Fenotipos:

» nuevo » ninguno hasta ahora (homogénea??)

Mas informacion:

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Silverfields Linaje / Genealogía

Árbol Genealógico de Silverfields

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Comentarios sobre Silverfields

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- 08.08.2019

Conectado a una recension de Silverfields!

Great strain for sativa/haze experienced growers. Newbies may be overwhelmed by its explosive growth.

Its like the big sister of Sugar Punch.

All plants I had, grew very tall with lots of stretch in flower.

The buds are hard and dense covered in a thick layer of resin.

The smell is somewhat sweet and exotic but hard to describe, and not as exotic as the sugar punch.

If you can manage her she can make some nice big, chunky buds.

It's potency is very good and the high is a mix of head and body that can hit you hard.

Sadly I found no purple phenos, but apart from that it's a great strain and many voluntarily testers liked it very much ;)

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