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Información oficial / Fundamentos sobre el Shack F3 de Sannie's Seeds

Shack F3
Sannies Seeds
interior, exterior
~67 días
No disponible feminizadas.

Genetic: Sannie`s Jack x Shiva
Type: Multi Hybride
Flowering-time: 9-10 weeks
Harvest: Up to 600 gram/m2(indoor)
Taste: A powerfull haze taste with a hint off shiva
Effect: Heavy stoned
Flowers: Big and dense
THC: up to 20%

The last couple of years Shack has become very popular because of it‘s extraordinary qualities. Shack is an easy-to-grow plant that doesn’t grow too high but has a lot of potential. The ideal choice for the rookie haze-grower because of the short flowering time and relative easy to control growth.

Shack is a cross between Shiva and Sannie’s Jack. A compact plant with fat, dense buds, these are inherited properties from the Shiva. A wonderful plant, many joints, great haze taste…

To find the best parrents for making this F3 we did proper selections to find the best suitable parrents. This F3 is a good stable strain which is easy to grow in sog (sea of green) and will be also happy in a scrog (screen of green). Shack F3 is a good yielder with class A+ smoke gear.

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¿Dónde comprar semillas de marihuana Shack F3?

Shack F3 de Sannie's Seeds solo está disponible como semilla regular, no como semilla feminizada. En 1 tiendas / bancos de semillas encontramos 3 ofertas entre EUR 35.00 por 10 semillas regulares y EUR 80.00 por 30 semillas regulares. Si desea comprar semillas de cannabis Shack F3 de Sannie's Seeds, eche un vistazo a nuestra página de omparación de precios de Shack F3 con todas las ofertas actuales, de todos los bancos de semillas y tiendas conectados - o visite una de las siguientes tiendas de semillas probadas, confiables y recomendadas directamente para ver sus ofertas actuales de Shack F3: direct from the breeder.

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