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Nombre: Seriously Sour
Obtentor: Reeferman
Ubicación: interior, exterior
Tipo: ruderalis/indica
Floración: Floración automático
~65 días (Desde la germinación hasta la cosecha.)

No disponible feminizadas.

Reefermans Seeds - Seriously Sour

Seriously Sour is a Auto flowering version of Reeferman’s Sour Diesel Kush this plant packs a serious Punch in 65 days we used our Rudderallis Indica that dates back to the late 80’s to breed a legendary Auto that sets new standards.
Ideal medicine with a well balanced High a true hybrid ideal for relaxation yet won’t sedate like our Indica Ginanticus.
One the tastiest highest potency Auto strains on the market like all our Auto’s with a respectable yield .
This strain emits a strong Skunky sweet smell when growing and in storage so consider where you are growing this one.

This is the favorite of many growers and smokers as strong as the photo period version.

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Linaje / Genealogía

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› Seriously Sour (Reefermans Seeds)
› Seriously Sour (Reefermans Seeds)

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