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Nombre: Senegal
Obtentor: Tropical Seeds Co.
Ubicación: interior, exterior
Tipo: sativa
Floración: ~91 días
No disponible feminizadas.

Tropical Seeds Company - Senegal

We present a new African strain, the Senegal, it forms part of our african project.

To you proposed this strain we colected seeds to thousands in Senegal, then we Selected the best individuals to achieve a new generation with a good variety to offer you fresh seeds

This strain is quite fast for a landrace sativa, 2 expression are the most represented the first is fast, about 12 weeks, the stretch is important but largely controllable with rather compact heads, its flavors are hashy / peppery / spicy flavors typically African
The second is longer, about 14 weeks, greater stretch and heads ventilate more, its flavors are more fruity
The high is soaring, lovely

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Linaje / Genealogía

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