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Informacion Basica

Schrom es una variedad mostly indica, figura en nuestra base de datos como una variedad clonada y se puede cultivar interiores (donde las plantas femeninas necesitarán un período de floración de ±70 días). .

Qué sabemos sobre la clone-only Schrom?

Clone Only Strains Schrom Quote from schrooomy420/ICMAG:

"I take schrom at day 70.
Over the years I have taken her anywhere from 56 to over 100.
I do like the high on the earlyer side of things. If you are picking her before day 60 you are never getting her calyx to swell. Personally I feel that her calyx really swell right before she is ready to be chopped, I have grown her for years now and have had samples of others return to me for my perception of them and I can honestly say that she;s fine at 60 but if ya give her til 70 she is much better and she fills out alot in that final 10 days.

It was the romulan female and the male was the columbian. The male was chosen from a bunch of Columbian beans circa 1974. I don;t still have the father and the mother clone I can get back. I never plan on re-making her, but I am still holding a few hundred of the columbian beans, horrible germ rate though."

And another quote from ograskal/ICMAG:

"She is the best Damn strain that i have ever grown or smoked and I've grown out quite a few strains and have been smokin for almost 20 years now! I kid you not. She is that good!!!
For those who dont know what the SCHROM is, It is a one of a kind strain that was created by our very own Schrooomy420. The SCHROM stands for = SCHroomys ROMulan hybrid. I beleive Schrooomy used a Romulan (mother) and crossed her with a Columbian (father). I beleive it was an accidental cross but I cant say for sure! Now on with the grow report!

The good thing about this Schrom is that She grows straight up and doesnt take up alot of space! I forced this particular cut at 10.5 inches and She maxed out at around 32 inches, so its safe to say that She stretches around 3X's her size when forced! I have heard from some peeps that the Schrom stretches out of control and yeilds werent to good but that wasnt the case when i grew her out. The stretch was controlable and the yeilds were very good in ALL my Schrom grows! The smell of the Schrom while flowering is very strong. Its very hard to describe. The best i can describe her is that She smells like Lemon, Candy Fuel or somethin like that. A really strong pleasant smell! I always find myself squeezin the hell out of her every time i open my flowering chamber cuz i just cant get enough of that wonderful smell. The way the buds grow are like nothing ive ever seen before and I've grown out lots of strains! Its like swirls of buds growin out of the buds and even the lower buds do it. She can be taken at around 60-70+ days but I've only taken her at around the 60 days mark Cuz i just cant wait to smoke this Gem!

The taste of the Schrom is very hard to explain. It has a sort of lemony taste too her and is real smoothe. When you exhale the smoke, the smoke in the room doesnt smell like MJ at all. Its smells like somebody has been lighting incense or something in the room, I shit you not. And the incense smell lingers for hours! She has a very Strong head high that last a very long time with a little bit of body in there.Its like your flying high in the clouds for a long time on a nice trip. Beleive me your one happy camper when your high on the Schrom. But if you smoke too much beware.The Schrom has been known to cause Paranoia and Halucinations and is not for the average smoker. Definately my favorite Herb! I give her a 9.5 in all catagories including Yeild,Smell,taste, bag appeal, potency and ease of growing. I just cant say enough good thingz about his strain."

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Schrom Linaje / Genealogía

Híbridos & Cruces con Schrom

Encontramos 9 descendientes directos de Schrom en la base de datos de seedfinder, aquí una breve descripción. Para ver todos los híbridos y sus descendientes, visite nuestra página de genealogía de Página Genealogía de Schrom y eche un vistazo a todos los descendientes directos, los cruces como las siguientes generaciones.

Schrom Face
Schrom x Face Off BX1
Schrom x Memory Loss
Schrom x Memory Loss
Afternoon Delight
{Ghost OG x Skunk Haze probably} x Schrom x Tangie
Tasha Yar Haze
Unknown Strain White Chem x {Schrom x NL Haze}
Schrom x Bubba Kush
Glazed Lemon
{GG4 x (Schrom x Pre-Soviet Afghani)} x Glazed Black Cherries
Purple Heart
Romulan Original cut x Vietnam Gold
Vietnam Gold
Vietnam Vietnam Black x G13 x Widow x Schrom
Schrom x Pre Soviet Afghani
Schrom x Afghan Pre Soviet

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