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Nombre: Sativa Queen
Obtentor: Motarebel
Ubicación: interior
Tipo: mostly sativa
Floración: ~81 días
No disponible feminizadas.

Motarebel - Sativa Queen

There have been a couple of sativa's the past years that crossed my path and most of them proved them to be winners. I had the urge of crossing two of the best sativa's and the uitcome is the sativa queen which will let teh hart beat faster from eache sativa lover.

This is a partialy backcross on the sannie's jack which is pressent in both parrents,but with a few extra bonus treats like color and smell/taste which can go both way's. She is a fast vegging plant and do not need long vegging periods,she will give you long and dense buds with a flowering period from around the 13 weeks.

This is a one time batch to get Motarebel back in business again and a part of the selling is for the man himself.

Type: Mostly sativa
Flowering time: 10-13 weeks

Harvest indoor: up to 750 gr/m²
Taste: A powerfull spicy/lemon haze taste and smell
Effect: The high is heavy and is in the head(real haze)
Buds: They are rockhard with alot off tales
THC: up to 22%

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