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Información oficial / Fundamentos sobre el Roof 95 de TH Seeds

Roof 95
TH Seeds
interior, exterior, invernadero
~53 días
Sólo disponible feminizadas.

T.H.Seeds™ Roof 95 Feminized Seeds

Roof 95 from T.H.Seeds™ is a very short, fat leafed plant full of resin and heavy flavor and punch. “The Roof, the Roof, the Roof 95 is Fire! Back in 1995, on the roof of the C.I.A (Cannabis In Amsterdam) a seed was born, not to be rediscovered for 20 years. Labeled with a Ying/Yang this plant outshined the others and finished fully in the short brutal Dutch season. Grown in a former case of the Picasso coffee shop that we boxed in and filled with soil, this plant was a true work of art. These seeds came from the original S.A.G.E.™ project and were part of the "Afghanica" side of S.A.G.E.™. This one plant produced a small batch of seeds that were saved throughout the years with the Ying/Yang guiding the memory banks. Further selected by the T.H.Seeds™ farmer to bring to the masses an almost lost gem from the bit too distant past.

TYPE: Indica
GENETICS: Afghani from '95
YIELD: 350gr - 450gr p.s.m.
HEIGHT: 55cm - 90cm
TASTE: Earthy / Sage / Pine
EFFECTS: Uplifting / Happy / Relaxed / Euphoric
MEDICINAL CONDITIONS: Stress / Pain / Headaches / Lack of Appetite / Menstrual Cramps

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¿Dónde comprar semillas de marihuana Roof 95?

Roof 95 de TH Seeds solo está disponible como semilla feminizada, no como semilla regular. En 8 tiendas / bancos de semillas encontramos 28 ofertas entre EUR 12.09 por 1 semilla feminizada y EUR 826.88 por 100 semillas feminizadas. Si desea comprar semillas de cannabis Roof 95 de TH Seeds, eche un vistazo a nuestra página de omparación de precios de Roof 95 con todas las ofertas actuales, de todos los bancos de semillas y tiendas conectados - o visite una de las siguientes tiendas de semillas probadas, confiables y recomendadas directamente para ver sus ofertas actuales de Roof 95: T.H.Seeds, Original Seeds Store, Discreet Seeds,, Herbies Head Shop, PEV Seeds Bank, Oaseeds and Green Parrot Seed Store.

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