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Nombre: Purple Afghani
Obtentor: TreeTown Seeds
Ubicación: interior
Tipo: indica
Floración: ~45 días
No disponible feminizadas.

TreeTown Seeds - Purple Afghani

We made this from the most famous strain from the Bay, Trichome Technologies Purple Kush clone gotten in the 2004. We got one of the first batches of clones from Blue Sky in Oakland, and loved it.

We wanted to get more vigor infused and lessen the mold problem which is inherent in Purple Kush because of it's incredibly dense bud structure, so our first choice of course was Afghani #1. This gave the Kush larger trichomes as well as a more airy bud structure. Its still carries the flavor of the Purple Kush in about half of the phenos, and the purple pigment is in about 60% of the plants. 40% winded up being Purple Kush dominate pheno, the rest resulted in Afghani dominate pheno.

A easy to grow, no training or pruning needed, and only gets to about 38" max. Super tasty with a "purple" satin smooth with some having a Afghani #1, deep vapor flower element to the Bay Area purple flavor. One of our best tasting 100% Indica strains we have, and very strong. Has a very strong body Indica feeling without the drowsy effect. Our most popular blend from TreeTown.

47-53 Days from Seed
26"-38" With TIGHT internodes
350 GmSqM Avg / 460+ Peak
Spacing suggested is 10-12 in 16 Sq'

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