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Nombre: Princess Nikita
Obtentor: TreeTown Seeds
Ubicación: interior
Tipo: mostly sativa
Floración: ~59 días
No disponible feminizadas.

TreeTown Seeds - Princess Nikita

This is most likely the last of the Princess crosses. Making the set 3: Princess Haze, Afghan Princess, and now Princess Nikita.

We wanted to make this a very special cross. So we held these seeds in the fridge for years. Finally having the time to dedicate to this strain, we dove in. What we found was a amazing combo. The Cinderella 99 “Princess” and the “Cherry” AK-47 we bananas on each other. A great producer, a great quality medication, and tastes too good.

One of the best strains we have produced this year, hands down. The vigor is great, we found that some spread wide, (the princess Dom phenos) and some don’t (the AK Dom phenos). So a spacing of 6-10 is suggested in a 16 sq’. Some PM, and mite problems occurred. The PM is more of a issue. So spacing is important. This is not for a beginner but a novice should not have trouble seeing the plants potential. A big harvest should be planned for. Bud to lead ratio is off the charts, so heavy plants should be expected.

The THC in this plant is HUGE. Mostly THC dominate, but did make us sit down. The trichomes are large, and in charge. Hash making for this strain is ultra quality. Perfect for flower, or serious concentrates.

The flavor is what this plant is about. Ranging from Pineapple, and Cherry’s, to a more intense flowery light hash. This did not let us down in any department. This is by far one of the most favorite strain we have across the board. Along with her sister Princess Haze this is in our top 5.

53-62 days from seed
30" to 48", med-tight internode spacing
400 G/Sq. Meter Avg. / 500+ Peak
Spacing Suggested is 6-10 in 16 Sq'

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    Day 53-Princess Nikita & Project 13 Test Crop13.07.13

    Day 53- Princess Nikita (Cinderella 99 "Princess Pheno" x AK47 "Cherry Pheno") & Project 13 (Harlequin x AK47 "Cherry Pheno") This is a ongoing test crop done week by week to show the strains and the thought process I have, and what mental checklists I go through when picking males, females, and mothers.

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