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interior, exterior
mostly indica
~63 días
No disponible feminizadas.

P91 is a mega rare cut that was the OG Kush of it's day in Southern California during the early 90's. It's called P91 because of it's super Peanutty Oily skunk flavor and a distinct earthy dankness.
It's genetics as described in detail by the breeder "P-91 comes from a selectively inbred mother that came from SSSC catalog back in 1988...Skunk #1 seeds. The mother was a real nice baby from breeding the SK#1 back on was being called the Diamond in San Diego circa 1990ish. The father was a pure Thai from a collection that was very rare and definately pure lucky on those seeds when the collector started 'tweaking'...(again, no bs and lol 4sure) One seed went male, the other turned into an amazing silver thai female. So, with sk#1 being a indo/thai/sativa cross, and then crossed back on a pure thai strain, the p-91 is a mostly thai nothing else i have ever seen or grown."ÿÿ - Thanks to OGp91Fam for creating this strain and Jack Daniels for making it available to me on a moments notice.

With that excerpt from the breeder, the one thing everyone agrees on is that P-91 is a wide leaved drug cultivar, or the common term indica dominant. So how the Thai comes into play, it's hard to tell from the high or looking at the plant visually. It;s extremely narcotic and potent and was at one time considered to be the most potent strain out of Cali.
We had been on a 10 year hunt for this strain - it culminated in many fake cuts (one being a hybrid of SD catpiss and p91 that was totally narrow leaved and sat dom - meaning probably had neither strain involved in it.) and disappointments along the way, so when we were finally handed the legitimate cut and ran her.. it was the pinnacle of my collecting cannabis career. She is the rarest strain I've ever come across, anyone from San Diego in the inner circles can attest to that and many thought she was extinct. Move over Hawgsbreath, the real San Diego queen is here.

Flowering Time 8-10 Weeks
Male:Female Ratio 1:10
Medical Properties Sleep Disorders
Colors Purpleish

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