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Nombre: OGKB 2.0
Obtentor: Mycotek
Ubicación: interior, exterior
Tipo: mostly indica
Floración: ~70 días
No disponible feminizadas.

Mycotek - OGKB 2.0

OGKB 2.0 took home 1st place in both Indica and Overall categories at the IC420 Grower's Cup in Amsterdam in 2015.

The 2.0 came from a bag seed that was found by @chunkypigs in a batch of OGKB cookies that he purchased at a bay area dispensary that was being supplied by OGKushBreath back in 2014.

For the outcross we used on this project we pollinated our OGKB 2.0 female with our Top Dawg Seeds 3 Chems male. This stain is called Hell Breath and it is the precursor to this 2.0 backcross.

The result of our Hell Breath father being taken back to the OGKB 2.0 mother for a 2nd pollination is an excellent marriage between the Chem's fuel and sour flavor coated in a hefty dose of soured raisin dough from the Cookies. These plants will be mostly cookie dominant with the perfect amount of Chem coming through in their genetics.

OGKB 2.0 BX1 will have incredibly potent flowers that are jam packed full of resin and covered in a blanketed crystalline lattice of cannabinoids. Expect extremely delicious terpines along with exceptional potency levels. This higher than average potency makes OGKB 2.0 BX1 a supreme candidate for making cannabis extracts!

Expect long flowering times around 70 days and plenty of purple phenotypes on this one. This cross is mostly indica (90+%) and that reflects quite clearly with its highly medicating effects.

OGKB 2.0 is great for sleep, pain management, and appetite, etc.
OGKB 2.0 BX1 is a true cannabis connoisseur's strain.

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