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Nombre: Mokum Bud
Obtentor: Prana Seeds
Ubicación: interior, exterior
Tipo: indica/sativa
Floración: ~67 días
No disponible feminizadas.

Prana Seeds - Mokum Bud

Prana Seeds proudly brings 'Mokum Bud'. This strain expresses some of the original Shiva and NL lines that made skunk of the 90's what it once was. Mokum meaning 'Home' to the Amsterdam locals was given its name after the origin of these seeds and how they came into the hands of one of our breeders at Prana Seeds over 14 years ago.

Since then the best traits of numerous males and females were crossed to bring out the darker green Northern Lights and the easy to work with Shiva. Expect nettle like reactions with some of these girls and a dark afghan fuel smell with a strong overtone of fruits. The structure of 'Mokum Bud' allows for strong side branches and a central cola so is great for scrog and tying down. The bud structure grows popcorn style dark green buds with a strong skunky hash smell. A real smelly strain so be careful when brushing past these girls. She will take around 9 weeks to produce silvery big light buds with plenty of bio mass. An easy one to manicure and once the buds fully dry and cure..the rewards are a nose twitching skunk smell that fills the air. The stone is a very strong one and the eyes and cheeks become relaxed. We have brought the happy giggly Northern Lights high back but with flavours and aromas that make even the non smoker curious!

Genetics: 92 Shiva x NL
Effect: Super relaxing body high and creative high.

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