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Lemon Larry Lavender (Tall)

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Información oficial / Fundamentos sobre el Lemon Larry Lavender (Tall) de Big Buddy Seeds

Lemon Larry Lavender (Tall)
Big Buddy
interior, exterior
mostly indica
~67 días
No disponible feminizadas.

This line is based on my all time favorite mother, a lavender cut i found from soma seeds that was truly exceptional. Very complex smell and flavour with a mix of lavender flowers, sour fruit and undertones of og. This line can yield quite well and will produce buds that are purple and green with orange hairs in many phenos. Very good for pain and sleep, and when the right pheno is found great for headaches as well. Seedlings will grow a tad slow at first, but get going rather quickly and get to be very strong plants, a trait of the lavender mother.

Yield: Large
Flowering Time: 9-10 Weeks
Plant Height: Medium

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Big Buddy Seeds Lemon Larry Lavender (Tall)Big Buddy Seeds Lemon Larry Lavender (Tall)

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