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Nombre: La Nina
Obtentor: THC Seeds
Ubicación: interior, exterior, invernadero
Tipo: indica/sativa
Floración: ~70 días
No disponible feminizadas.

THC Seeds - La Nina

El Nina has a unique flavor that is for the connoseur and social scene. The buzz is a creeper, it starts slowly and becomes heavier in 10 minute intervals.

A really fun conversation smoke, as the conversations get better with every 10 minute wave.

A really amazing heavy stone, and even the most outer leaves are covered in crystals.

Very Powerful Stuff. Clear soaring high, you might think you’re sober, until you get off the couch and start moving around You’ll feel the electricity of the buzz and it’s best not wasted sitting idle. Great for Medical Pot for moderate functinality during the day time hours while still killing pain. It’s difficult to find a potent pain killer that leaves you functional. Usually the more pain killing qualities cannabis has, the less aware you are, but this strains is rare where you maintain some functionality considering the amount of pain killing effects it posseses.

Rare Laos Haze x White Widow

Indoor growing requires skilled trimming and skill with the light cycle, forcing her to flower early. This plant will hit your ceiling if not kept trimmed. While requiring a decent outdoor growing season, a finishing time of 8-10 weeks is reasonably easy for a Haze strain with a purely haze experience you can never find from an indica in the mix.

La Nina buds are large and airy like the Haze, and produce thick crystals. Her exotic Haze flavors consist of fruit, sugar and lime.

THC: 22.5%
Yield Indoors: 420 g/m2
Yield Outdoors: 400 g/m2
Yield Greenhouse: 415 g/m2
Genetics: Rare Laos Haze x White Widow
Cloning: Moderately Easy
Height: Tall
Flowering Indoors Hydro: 60-70 Days
Flowering Indoors Soil: 70-80 Days
Flowering Outdoors: End of September
Flowering Greenhouse: October 5th
Medical Uses: Pain relief and mostly functionality
Smoke Heaviness: Light and airy
Flavour: fruit, sugar and lime
Plant Odor: Low
Grow’s Indoor: Yes, but must be trimmed
Grow’s Outdoors: Yes
Grow’s in Greenhouse: Yes
Grow Difficulty: Moderate
Pest Resistant: Yes
Heat and Drought Resistant: Yes
Wind Resistant: Yes
Mold Resistant: Yes
Cold Weather/High Altitude: no
Time Stoned 1-3 small Tokes: 120 minutes
Time Stoned 5 tokes +: 240 Minutes
Type of Stone: electric energy buzz

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