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Información oficial / Fundamentos sobre el Kush #1 de TreeTown Seeds

Kush #1
TreeTown Seeds
interior, exterior, invernadero
~45 días
No disponible feminizadas.

A Combination of the best Indicas in the world. We wanted to add bigger trichome structure to the Kush and try and eliminate the mold problem, that the Kush density is known for. The Kush Mother we used, has a chocolate brownie thick flavor, and the Afghani male was everything we were looking for and more.

The two make for a SOG type profile, able to fit 9-12+ in a 16 sq' area. They grow very quickly and do well in all conditions. Some grow to huge plants that have colas wider than your palm. Some have incredibly dense buds that might have mold problems due to sheer density.

You will find these have quick metabolisms. A very vigorous plant that eats fertilizer and water up in great amounts all the way up till harvest. You will find a evan mix of both parents as well as a Kush #1 pheno. They are heavy yielders and have a slight skunky heavy type aroma. They have flavors from a sweet skunk to a dark chocolate cake like flavor. Perfect for the Indica breeder, this is a F1 for those who want both a Kush and a Afghani pheno in the same pack.

(Sensi Seeds Hindu Kush x Sensi Seeds Afghani #1) F1
48-57 Days from seed
30"-42" with Med-Tight internode spacing
440 GmSqM Avg. 640+ Peak
Spacing suggested is 9-12 in 16 Sq'

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