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Información del criador

Kurgan es una variedad de floración automática ruderalis de y se puede cultivar interiores y exteriores. Semillas de Kurgan de Landrace Team es una Variedad CBD con mas THC que CBD y no están disponibles en versiones feminizadas.

Descripción de Landrace Team Kurgan

The Landrace Team Kurgan Genetics: Kurgan – Super Autoflower Pure Ruderalis
Location: Kurgan Oblast (Southern edge of West Siberian Plain). South of the Ural Mountains
Sourced: Collected at source
Latitude: 54°N
Harvest: Mid to Late August in local outdoor environment
Height: 1.5 – 3.5 metres outdoors
Aroma: Selected for a very strong pleasant sweet and sour taste, with Lavender hint Terpene profiles.
Effects: Stoney
Grow Type: This Cultivar is suitable for outdoor and greenhouse growing, but also indoor
Characteristics: CBD, Autoflowering, early maturing

This is a vigorous, disease/pest resistant, cold resistant, early super Autoflower. Perfect for early planting in uncertain climates. A moderately resinous plant with both narrow leaf and broad leaf appearance and structure.
The effects after smoking was stoney, but not highly psychoactive. Ideal for hybridization. This pure Ruderalis was collected directly from feral fields along the Russian-Kazakhstan border. These were gathered at 54° degrees North Latitude. These are cold tolerant, frost resistant and have a dominant early flowering characteristic. So, it is an excellent strain for hybridization in the hands of a skilled breeder. This variety is a fundamental building block allowing for original strains to be created from the ground up. This is a revolutionary assets for all outdoor growers.

An exceptionally true breeding Ruderalis. Highly heterogeneous. Each plant tends to be a different individual both in growth pattern, structure and height. Their heterogeneous background makes it possible to discover some true keepers. Careful breeding through many generations will allow you to select the earliest, most resinous, most vigorous plants available anywhere in the world. This is definitely the strain to work with for difficult, cold climates, or for those growers that desire extreme earliness.

“What other seed growers fail to realize is that this dominant early flowering characteristics allow Ruderalis to be outcrossed indefinitely with almost any other strain, and a percentage of the resulting hybrids will still flower early. Far from “polluting the gene pool” with Ruderalis, with good breeding practices we can open the more areas for cannabis cultivation then was ever thought possible.” – – Seed Bank 1987 Revised Catalogue ‘Roadside Ruderalis’.

-Noteworthy – will ripen around Sept. 1st at the latest. Crossing this variety with a later flowering variety will predictably cause the resulting hybrid to flower earlier.

*As is often the case with all wild Landraces, the occasional hermaphrodite cannot be excluded.


It is advisable to first give these seeds a peroxide wash in light solution mix, and than manually crack the seeds. And after, either soak the seeds in a cup of dechlorinated water containing aloe Vera for 24-36 hours or transferring them to a wet tissue after manually cracking them. Keep in 75f degree environment day and night in a dark place and you should have 70% germination rate.

*These seeds are dark and fairly small with a hard shell.

It is advisable to cold treat these seeds, by storing them in the fridge or freezer for a couple of days in a sealed container with rice. This will help your seeds get the signal that after they come out of the cold it is time to trigger the start of germination.

*What makes them valuable is their wildness, their purity.

Below the local climate high/low temps in Celsius:
May 19°/6°
June 24°/ 11°
July 25°/ 13°
August 22°/ 11°
September 16°/ 6°

Below the daylight hours in Kurgan:

May 16 hours
June 17.5 hours
July 17 hours
August 15 hours
September 13 hours

No hay descripción adecuada español hasta ahora!

Galería de Kurgan

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