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Nombre: Kariba Surprise
Obtentor: African Seeds
Ubicación: exterior
Tipo: sativa
Floración: ~84 días
No disponible feminizadas.

African Seeds - Kariba Surprise

Aka: Zimbabwe

The sun sets over the mightly Zambezi river, a fish eagle dips majestically over the water, a herd of elephant join buffalo to drink, in the distance a lion roars. Here in one of Africas last Edens live the Butoka people. Untouched by civilisation, uninfluenced by government they have continued their culture of growing and smoking for many centuries. Plants heaviliy branched, tall, long red and white haired buds up to 2ft long. High THC, CBD absent. Energetic, electric high. Prefers hot outdoor conditions with plenty of water. Very mould resistant.

Flowering Period Outdoors: 10-14 weeks (condition dependent)
Height: 3-4 m (9-12 ft)
Yields: 20-30 oz (600-1000 gr)

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