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KC 36 (KC Brains Holland) :: Recensión de la Variedad :: Indoor :: No.10437521800735285 by 53DegreesNorth

Perfil de la Planta sobre la KC 36 (por KC Brains Holland)

Esta Descripciòn de la variedad es una expresion individual hecha por , subido el 04.08.2013.

Cosecha , producciòn, Sabor, Aroma, potencia y efecto

Potencia / Duracion del efecto
La marihuana efecto entre medio alto y alto.
Tolerancia al fumar
tolerancia ordinaria.

Impresion General

KC 36 (KC Brains Holland)

lo tiene todo junto buena variedad pero existen mejores
(En promedio 7 puntos en la escala de el 0 al 10 !)

Más información

53DegreesNorth dice

This was my first grow years ago and I»ve always regreted not breeding it. I had not a clue; I over watered manically, I was using overdriven T8 24" 2700K fluoresents(which I can recommend if anyone has some old ceiling fittings and some time).
I got eight or nine out of ten germinate and all but one were female-happy days. More though luck than judgement I kept them short (they«re a short plant anyway), and they just powered through flowering and delivered a carrier bag of sensationally tasty weed. I was well impressed, and not just for the money. Good, strong, genetically stable plant with a good crop of damn tasty bud. It»s not the only breed of theirs I«ve tried and I»ve always been happy. It really doesn«t matter what you pay for seeds if you cock them up; KC Brains provides top quality seeds for next to nothing, which is how it should be.
(04.08.2013, 21:18)