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Información oficial / Fundamentos sobre el Hurricane de The Bank Genetics

The Bank Genetics
interior, exterior
~63 días
Sólo disponible feminizadas.

Strain: Hurricane (Panama Punch x LA Confidential)
Recommended experience level: Intermediate
Female: Panama Punch (Panamanian Mean Green x Neville’s Haze)

About the mother:
The Panama Punch has an intense tropical aroma, and the requisite spiciness of a haze. The taste is just as mouthwatering as the smell, a mixture of mango and black pepper that leaves a sweet twinge on your lips upon exhale.
Yield: high
400-800g / 1000W
Flowering time:
60-65 days.
Growth stature: Tall

The Panama Punch stretches more than most strains once flowering is induced due to her haze lineage. Grower’s with height restrictions should definitely top her, and potentially train branches laterally as she really likes to reach for the sky. Be sure to underprune heavily as she doesn’t produce well below the canopy. Larger than average internodal spacing.

Nugget type and density:
Long dense nuggets.
Unique strain traits and oddities of mother:
The aroma is so amazing that we regularly find our growers pausing to take a few deep breathes whilst watering them
Dark reddish purple stems are common. Don’t worry if you see darker stems with this strain, it is a genetic trait and not a deficiency or disease.

Why we chose her:
A flavor and aroma like no other along with heavy yields and vigorous growth. One of the more grower friendly strains with haze in the lineage, she’s not near as finicky as most other haze crosses.

Traits to look for in ideal phenotype:
Desired traits from mother
Super vigorous vegetative growth
Unique aroma and flavor
Heavy yields
High resin production
High potency
Disease resistance
Stability, consistency, and repeatability
High medicinal value

Desired traits from pollen donor (LA Confidential)
Manageable height
Tight dense buds
Short flowering period
High resin production
High potency
Disease resistance
Stability, consistency, and repeatability
High medicinal value

Undesirable traits potentially inherited from parents
Lower than average yield (LA Confidential)
Slow vegetative growth (LA Confidential)

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