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Nombre: Hollywood Snow
Obtentor: Riot Seeds
Ubicación: interior
Tipo: mostly indica
Floración: desconocido
No disponible feminizadas.

Riot Seeds - Hollywood Snow

The mother of this new release was passed to me by the amazing breeder, cannabis scholar, and soon to be author Snowhigh. The cut was a selected clone from the Kushage line released by Adam from TH Seeds. TH Seeds has caught tons of shit over the years and I haven't grown much by them, however if this is any representation of what they're releasing then they have my utmost respect and attention. In the seed business you learn fast that anyone with success gets slammed.

This is one spicey smelling/tasting hybrid. The buds and calyx formation are completely unique and nothing like I've ever seen before. It can almost be compared to the clone only cut of Quaze, as far as the bubbly, large calyxes, however as you can see from the picture this produces beautiful, ful structured buds. This strain is a Indica dominant gem with a haze heart... something very rare to find. You can still taste and feel the Big Sur Holyweed in this bud.

Supremely powerful, this is a gift from Snowhigh that will keep on giving. Again, more breeding material gems.

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