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Nombre: Hash Bomb
Obtentor: Bomb Seeds
Ubicación: interior, exterior
Tipo: mostly indica
Floración: ~49 días
También disponible feminizadas.

Bomb Seeds - Hash Bomb

Hash Bomb is an absolute must for hash lovers and medical users alike. A perfect cross of a powerful hash plant from the far-east, a new age Amsterdam Skunk and Bomb #1. The result is a high CBD level plant that is perfect for hash production. Hash Bomb is a medium-high strength strain with a strong, tranquilising effect. It produces a calming, sedative and pain relieving effect rather than a psychoactive high. Hash Bomb’s aroma is sweet and with low levels of odour making it an easy to conceal, low profile strain. The addition of Bomb #1 has meant higher production and fast flowering times. This strain shows excellent mould resistance. Along with Medi Bomb #1, this is one of our top calming, medical effect strains.

Plant Height: Medium (90-140cm)
Indoor Flowering: 6-8 Weeks
Harvest Outdoor: Sep-Oct
THC: High (15-20%)
Yield: High (500-600g/m²)
Stoned/High: Hard hitting, sedative stone

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Para esta variedad tenemos una entrada por 3 usuario(s). Aqui hay un pequeña vista general:

Tiempo de Floracion en interior: 57 - 69 dias (~63 dias)
Produccion / Cantidad Indoor: La cosecha de esta variedad es muy alto.
Impresion General Indoor: lo tiene todo junto extraordinaria y ampliamente recomendable.
tiempo de la cosecha en exterior o al aire libre o guerrilla: Final de Junio +/- 2 Semanas in BxlShβ climates.
Potencia / Duracion del efecto: La marihuana efecto ligeramente por debajo del promedio.
Impresion General Outdoor: lo tiene todo junto insana variedad - absolutamente recomendable.
Las votaciones de nuestros usuarios: Hash Bomb obtener 7.39 de los 10 posibles puntos en el promedio!

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Hash Bomb von Bomb Seeds está disponible como semillas regulares y feminizadas. En 10 tiendas / bancos de semillas encontramos 43 ofertas entre EUR 1.88 y EUR 321.34

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Comentarios de usuario sobre esta variedad:

al 18.10.2017, 06:16:Este comentario está conectado a un Perfil de Planta!

This plant grew without much trouble, needed little attention. Topped but was alarmed at the stretch during flower. Was not expecting a lot from this particular plant. Grew without odour, had hardly any crystals or resin and smelled little during drying.
Trimming it was a bit of a bitch though.
After about a week noticed a faint scent of orange zest with it getting stronger during the cure. I had an early smoke of a small bud after a week and like I said wasnt expecting much. The hit creeped up on me and found myself zoned out listening to a piano concerto. Really strong and unexpected hit !.
Never judge a book by its cover. I took a cut for a friend and will no doubt be getting a clone of it in the near future.

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al 26.02.2015, 02:00:Este comentario está conectado a un Perfil de Planta!

Early and extremely attractive indica has big fat leaves on a hearty little plant. Tops out at 6 feet. Breeding with Critical and Boss's Sister for indica vigor ... and, for a real science project a 15 foot Malawi landrace. Timeline: Male (early May), Female (n/a ... mid May?) and Finish (n/a ... August?).

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al 14.08.2012, 22:22:Este comentario está conectado a un Perfil de Planta!

For best results let go for 62 days. easy to trim, ect

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