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Harlequin Bx4

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Información oficial / Fundamentos sobre el Harlequin Bx4 de Reefermans Seeds

Harlequin Bx4
interior, exterior
mostly sativa
~56 días
No disponible feminizadas.

Reeferman is proud to present the Harlequin Bx4. The Harlequin Bx4 has vast medical applications with patients being blown away by its therapeutic benefits. Now stabilized in seed form for the first time in history, Harlequin smells reminiscent of musky, sweet pineapples and coats the mouth with a rich taste of Nepalese blond hash and berries. The Harlequin Bx4 will consistently give the user 1:1 THC to CBD ratio in the range of 7% to 12%. Fast to flower, an extended flowering time can actually diminish effectiveness, because CBD degrades earlier than THC. Harlequin generally tests at around 7% CBD at 10 weeks while delivering CBD levels as high as 12% at just 8 weeks. This strain is great for pain, anxiety, stress, nausea and muscle spasms.

THC: 7-12%
CBD: 7-12%
Flowering time: 7-8 weeks
Medical Conditions: Anxiety, Pain, Spasms, Stress, Nausea
Medicinal properties: Helps with pain, anxiety, stress, nausea and muscle spasms
Taste: Musky, Berry, Sweet, Pineapple

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