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Nombre: Happy Brother
Obtentor: Karma Genetics
Ubicación: interior
Tipo: indica
Floración: desconocido
Sólo disponible como cortes.

Karma Genetics - Happy Brother

When I was working in a coffee shop in 1996 we used to get some weed called Happy Brother. It was the strongest herb I smoked in those years. As I was also growing at that time I really wanted to grow this oh so tasty herb myself. So I asked that supplier if I could get some seeds from it. He told me he got the herb from an old Rasta man in Amsterdam. The brother of this Rasta grew this herb for his brother because he was paralyzed, the original grower said he made it but I don’t think so because he did not have any seeds. Then it went silent and I didn’t see this supplier for almost 2 years. In 1998 he came walking in with a new supplier of the Happy Brother and he brought me 3 clones’ that really looked like shit. The first grow I did with it was so special to see a plant produce my most favourite smoke. And up to this day it still is my most favourite smoke.

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› Happy Brother (Karma Genetics)
› Happy Brother (Karma Genetics)

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Karma Genetics Happy Brother

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  • 3. Lugar IC420 2009
  • 8. Lugar IC420 2008

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