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Nombre: Green Crack S1
Obtentor: Riot Seeds
Ubicación: interior
Tipo: mostly indica
Floración: ~63 días
Sólo disponible feminizadas.

Riot Seeds - Green Crack S1


Originally titled Green Cush when it was released as a clone only, this mango smelling beauty is now world famous for its potency and yield! Mostly grown as a connoisseur cash cropper, this is an EASY grow. We reccommend Lollipopping after a good veg period and blooming, from there you'll have a majour center cola with a few side branches. Connoisseur smell and taste, tons of potency, THC - 24%.

We don't fuck around, this is the real deal, the first to release it in S1! Stay tuned and you'll be the first to have it.

Note Green Crack WILL TURN PURPLE in cold temps. Makes for an amazing treat - The Purple Green Crack. Also look for the Green Crack hybrids as well - SAC #3 OG x Green Crack, Green Crack x Pre98 Bubba, Green Crack x Blowfish, Green Crack x Afgooey, Green Crack x Double Purple Doja, Green Crack x Blueberry, and many more!


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