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Grapefruit Bx1

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Grapefruit Bx1
interior, exterior
~53 días
No disponible feminizadas.

This is a prototype release of the BCGA version of the popular Sweet Tooth. Grapefruit has an excess of sickly sweet pink grapefruit flavour and an unbeatable and powerful indica sativa combination in the potency department. The cured buds simply can't be beat. The only downside is that grapefruit only performs efficiently in a few environments, it need more vigour to be suitable to more growers. Therefore, using the unique BCGA blueberry genetics, we crossed select blueberry males with the legendary grapefruit clone. We selected the best of these hybrid males and bred them back to the grapefruit clone to create the first backcross. By backcrossing once we exposed more of the desired grapefruit traits while maintaining the vigour provided by the blueberry.

I am getting ready to test this test cross and am looking for feedback from other growers growing under a wide range of environments. Therefore I'm going to initially release 10 lots of 15 seeds each to the auction. Using these auction lots, we are also going to test out some changes to the way BCGA genetics are packaged and shipped. There is the possibility that a second set of 10 lots will be released.

flowering period: 7-8 weeks

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