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Nombre: Fubar
Obtentor: Acumen Genetics
Ubicación: interior, invernadero
Tipo: mostly sativa
Floración: ~65 días
También disponible feminizadas.

Acumen Genetics - Fubar

Mother is "Kremlin" an Acumen Genetics classic that consists of: An Original OG Kush cutting crossed with an exceptional high yielding White Russian male.

Father is AK-47 Male named (Rasputin) He has been used in the creation of several incredible strains over the years.

We had been growing Kremlin (The Mother) in its final form for a couple of years and always enjoyed it. In nearly every test cross we had done Kremlin had produced fantastic results. One exceptional cross that stood out imediately was FUBAR.

"Rasputin" was a male AK-47 pollen donor that always seemed to increase the yield and potency of the plants we crossed it with. AK-47 is directly related to the White Russian and that helped to stabalize the strain.

FUBAR delivers! She retains most of the unique flavor of the OG Kush. There is no ceiling, the more you smoke the more intense the effect untill your eyes blurr. FUBAR's pistils are thick and fuzzy, also an OG Kush trait.

From the White Russian it inherited a thicker than normal coat of beautiful glistening trichomes and tighter internode spacing without distorting the flavor.

The AK-47 father boosted yield even further. The AK increased the calyx to leaf ratio. It added to FUBAR's potency and flavor, and did a great deal to stabalize this strain.

FUBAR grows in a christmas tree shape from 4-9 feet tall. She does not produce a great deal of leaves making her very easy to manicure at harvest. She reacts very well to bending, cracking, and topping if you prefer a shorter bushier plant. This strain produces bumper crops even under less than ideal conditions. She can at times be a heavy feeder. After about 45 days the huge buds will need to be suported. Top colas consistantly produce dense lemon sized or larger crystal encrusted buds.

Flavor and aroma are fruity and a little floral but not too sweet more like a red wine than candy. Effect is extremely powerful. It cuts through what ever else you have in your system and washes over you like a wave. Most report a tingling sensation as your body relaxes and your mind melts away. Later you may find yourself wandering aimlessly around from room to room asking yourself why you are there.

65% Sativa / 35% Indica
Flavor/Smell: Mixed Fruit Candy
Flowering: 60 Days Indoor

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Conocidos Fenotipos:
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1.: larga, compacta, rápida floración, sativa-dominante Fenotipo #1

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Tiempo de Floracion en interior: 52 - 68 dias (~60 dias)
Produccion / Cantidad Indoor: La cosecha de esta variedad es grandioso , gracias dios!.
Impresion General Indoor: lo tiene todo junto extremadamente buena y muy muy recomendable.
Potencia / Duracion del efecto: La marihuana es muy fuerte y dura bastante.
Las votaciones de nuestros usuarios: Fubar obtener 9.00 de los 10 posibles puntos en el promedio!

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