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Nombre: Frost-Wreck
Obtentor: Goldenseed
Ubicación: interior, exterior
Tipo: indica/sativa
Floración: ~60 días
No disponible feminizadas.

Goldenseed - Frost-Wreck

Train wreck is a clone that has been passed around in northern California for about the last twenty years or more. It is now exploding around the world as a clone. There is also now at least one seed version that is very near to the original. We at Goldenseed have produced this rather fine selection of Train wreck hybrids from one of the original Train wreck clones for your delectation.
This strong sativa really is a punch to the face with a head-concentrated high. On top of this, it doesn’t leave the body heavy and slow. At first glance this bud doesn’t look like a rock star, but you will notice nice, long hairs that are covered in crystals. The sweet skunky smell also stuns the nose. And the light green colored leaves just makes it a great bud to gaze.
The high hits quickly in the face & head area and stays there for about two hours. I would also recommend some eye drops for this high, might experience some dryness or itchiness. The effects are pretty straight forward - smacks you in the face and stays there. The body isn’t really affected except for sporadic spots on the feet.

GoldenSeeds JackFrost has been painstakingly developed over the last five years, using only the best of each crop for breeding in order to constantly improve the potency, appearance and aroma of this unique strain. Jack Herrer, White Widow and Northern Lights#5, direct from the Sensiseed shop in Amsterdam, have been progressively bred in before introducing a wild, personally collected Rainbow Kashmiri to the mix which is now in it is third year of exclusive inbreeding, JackFrost pollen hand brushed onto Jackfrost females, to make them reliable.Train Wreck is a Thai Sativa that was crossed with an Afghani strain of great potency and has been around in California for some 20 years.

The result was a strain with fast flowering, average height, and rich in both THC as Sativas are and significant CBD from the Indica.
Train Wreck is like many other hybrids that combine the best of Sativa and Indica. It is extraordinarily resinous and one of the most potent strains around. We at Goldenseed have crossed these two rather potent strains to produce Frost/Wreck which is usually to strong for the average person and probably should be avoided by patients who have dissociative disorders or tend to psychosis because it’s so strong. When your back aches, though, Frost/Wreck is just the right ticket. The pheno has a very strong skunky smell with fat popcorn looking calyxes after nine weeks most of the triches turn milky and also produce the first sign of amber trics, Frost/Wreck will triple in height once switched to 12/12

Variety: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Effect: Powerful high and great special taste
Potency: 10 out of 10
Yield: 2/3 ounces
Stature: Average high
Phenotype: Sativa/indica mix
Indoor: 55 to 65 days
Outdoor: Mid October
Characteristics: Skunky amide smell and taste


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