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Nombre: Early Spliff
Obtentor: Spliff Seeds
Ubicación: exterior
Tipo: indica/sativa
Floración: desconocido
Sólo disponible feminizadas.

Spliff Seeds - Early Spliff

Early Spliff is created with our Skunk no.1 as a father and an Early Pearl mother. Great resin production for an outdoor plant with medium levels of THC attainable. Early Spliff is ideal for growing outdoors in Northern countries. Also well suited for growing in a greenhouse. Skunk heritage make her a very mold and fungus resistant plant with great stability. She is a tall and lanky plant with dark green leaves and has typical big, stretched skunk buds. Some of the buds can appear slightly pink colored. Seeds should usually pop between 3-6 days.

The buds are hard and smell pungently sweet. The Early Pearl genetics (more Sativa oriented) give it a smooth smoke and a warm, glowing high.

55% Indica.
Genotype: Skunk x Early Pearl.
Pungently sweet aroma and skunk flavor.
Early flowering. Mold and fungus resistant. Tall and lanky. Stretched huge buds.
Warm, glowing high.
Potential THC level: medium.

Flowering time indoor: 8-9 weeks
Harvesting outdoor: October
Plant height: 2.00-3.00m
Yield: 500 gr/plant
Growing difficulty: medium

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