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Nombre: Dready Skunk
Obtentor: Dready Seeds
Ubicación: interior, exterior
Tipo: indica/sativa
Floración: ~70 días
Sólo disponible feminizadas.

Dready Seeds - Dready Skunk

Dready Skunk is another good cross of the Big Bud and Skunk No.1 varieties. It has a very strong aroma and an amazing taste. It grows like a Sativa and can get quite tall so indoors you will need to flower them early to stop them gaining too much height.

The buds are very strong smelling throughout the whole flowering cycle and due to the Big Bud genetics used, the buds can get very big and clumpy with lots of crystals covering them. It is possible to get some big yields from this strain both indoors and outside.

Due to the size of buds produced, mould can occur in the last two weeks of flowering but as this is quite a fast flowering variety you should be able to harvest it before this happens. It is more likely to be seen when growing indoors in extreme changes of temperature either too hot or too cold. Proper ventilation is the key to reducing the chances of bud rot.

Blend: Indica-Sativa (50%-50%)
Genotype: BigBud x Skunk No.1
Flowering period: 65-75 days
Harvest outdoors: Until 10th October
Height outdoors: Can reach 3 m
Yield: Very High
THC: High (12%-16%)
CBD: Medium

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Dready Skunk de Dready Seeds solo está disponible como semilla feminizada, no como semilla regular. En 1 tiendas / bancos de semillas encontramos 2 ofertas entre EUR 49.62 y EUR 87.80

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