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Nombre: Dark Overlord
Obtentor: MadCats
Ubicación: interior, exterior, invernadero
Tipo: ruderalis/indica
Floración: Floración automático
~65 días (Desde la germinación hasta la cosecha.)

No disponible feminizadas.

MadCat's Backyard Stash - Dark Overlord

The Quest for a Dark Flower step's beyond with this beautiful mix....
The Deep Intoxicating smell of the Red Poison from the Bloody Skunk and it's Intensely dark purple color are only intensified by the emerald grey of the infamous "StarKiller"...
Expect... at least 3 Pheno's with slightly different height, smell and flowering duration.... This is a Semi-Auto.. Because of the Auto/Long Term plant mix.
Testing pictures and compound increment's.... Coming Fall of 2017.

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Linaje / Genealogía

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› Dark Overlord (MadCat's Backyard Stash)
› Dark Overlord (MadCat's Backyard Stash)

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