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Nombre: DankStar
Obtentor: 303 Seeds
Ubicación: interior, exterior
Tipo: indica/sativa
Floración: ~63 días
No disponible feminizadas.

303 Seeds - DankStar

Our Dank #5 projects use elite medical clones from the 303 collection that were lacking in structure and yield. The Afghani dominant Dank #5 dad is a combination of Dank Sinatra and Northern Lights #5 grown from Bodhi stock. Daddy Dank #5 was selected from a large f1 pool and adds vigor, yield, trichome production and better structure to our overly picky princesses.

The Deathstar cut from the Ohio Deathstar crew is a wonderfully potent plant with a special terpene profile and excellent THC potency. This cut is highly sought after for its medical viability and unique taste. She is picky though, and needs support even during the veg cycle. She also has a long flowering time of 12 weeks. The Dank #5 stud brings down the flowering time, adds better structure and additional fruit terpenes.

Set a course for the Dankstar... warp speed!

Mother: Deathstar
Father: Dank #5
Genetics: (Sensi Star x Sour Diesel) x (L.A. Affie x G13/Hashplant x Northern Lights #5)
Grow Difficulty: Moderate - Some experience recommended
Phenotype: Indica/Sativa Hybrid
Indoor Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks

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Propiedades Medicinales

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Linaje / Genealogía

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