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Información oficial / Fundamentos sobre el Cosmic Brain de Dynasty Seeds

Cosmic Brain
Dynasty Seeds
interior, exterior, invernadero
mostly indica
~60 días
No disponible feminizadas.

The mother of the Cosmic Brain is a very old Afghani clone that has been past down through several generations. She tastes of earthy/coffee/kush and extremely potent with a narcotic effect that will topple the biggest tolerance. She is also very stable and has proven to help stabilize offspring out of the several crosses that I've used her for, thus making her an ideal canna-date for the males in the stable. (same mother of the Mochalope)

The Father of the Cosmic Brain is a Space Queen male that was very stable with great christmas tree structure. The male's offspring has exhibited cherry,vanilla, and watermelon. This male has proven great worth throughout the few crosses that he has been involved with.

The outcome of these parents have resulted into a wonderful combination of flavors, ranging from Vanilla Latte to cherry/vanilla/cocoa. The watremelon flavors/smells have not been spotted in this particular offspring partly due to the dominance of the Afghani's coffee/kush taste and smells.

This strain is easy to grow that has had a very pleasing result from every seed grown to this point. It's extremely stable and all parents have shown signs of "true" fem and ,male qualities(no nanners found in any of offspring after stress tests of males and females).

Pheno #1 (50%) has Oregon Afghani dominant traits and "pole plant" structure with not much branching. Smells are of a sweet vanilla coffee (vanilla latte). Hairs are more of a pale brown/tan on these phenos and very easy to differentiate from the other which have a brighter red/orange color to them.

Pheno #2 (50%) is more space queen dominant that has a bit more stretch than #1, with an added cherry smell to the sweet vanilla coffee scents. This pheno will branch out a bit more and have a little more stretch to it. This one seems to clone easy partly due to the more vigorous branching.

Bloom times on all phenos were within a few days of each other. 9 weeks for a heavier body high and 8 weeks for a bit more head buzz. Cloudy/amber trichs were seen around 55 days. Hair color and structure is dead give away to the dominant traits since they are opposite sides of the spectrum.

These seeds are a bit harder to germinate because of the mother's landrace lineage. Higher germ rates are achived by scuffing seeds, allowing water to penetrate the extra thick seed shells.

Indica Dominant
Flowering time: 8-9 weeks
Stretch: .75-1
Resin Profile: Copious Resin
Odour Score: 7
Odour: Vanilla, cherry, coffee, and cocoa.
Flavour Score: 8
Flavour: Vanilla Latte, cherry vanilla cocoa coffee
Potency Score: 8
High Type: 50/50 head body high, medical relief for pain, anxiety, and insomnia

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