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Nombre: Chitrali #1
Obtentor: BCO
Ubicación: interior, exterior, invernadero
Tipo: indica
Floración: desconocido
No disponible feminizadas.

Breeder Choice Organisation - Chitrali #1

For some years we have been working within these traditional Hashish making lines collected from the Chitral Town region of Pakistan. Our Chitrali #1 is a inbred line using very carefully selected plants within this world renowned genepool to produce a very special pure Indica that delivers plants of great beauty, spirit and a unique quality of high.

The picture provided is as always a customers picture and represents the typical Chitrali #1 plants.

Chitrali #1 combines the great centre of pure Indica Hash plants with a unique cerebral effect that will stimulate, motivate and not debilitate. Whilst stimulating the senses, she soothes the soul and will immediately put a smile on your face. This exceptional high is a product of very careful selections within this pure genepool and population conditioning of parental materials prior to release, not hybridisations.

We have also selected parentals that clean the somewhat harsh end product experienced with traditional Hash plants and through population conditioning, Chitrali #1 delivers a clean, smooth smoke with little to no cough through lung expansion. It is very smooth with all the best traits of Chitral Hashish in herbal Cannabis form.

The combination of soothing centre, stimulating, motivational effects and exceptionally smooth smoke make this a great medical pure Indica selection.

Chitrali #1 is also a very easy plant to grow requiring no special techniques and is easy for both novice or experienced growers alike. She needs large root space and good quality soil to deliver her very best. Plants grow to a more bushy Landrace type Indica profile and can be trained easily.

Outdoors Chitrali #1 will finish late September to October around 40 degrees north and has massive yields from huge bush frames. Plants outdoors will often finish fully purple with colder temps exaggerating the colourations. Indoors plants maintained with warmer environments will still show purple and pink colourations over a light green base. She is extremely tolerant of rain and to mould in all outdoor tests to date.

* World renowned, pure Indica.
* Traditional Farmed Line
* Pure non Hybridised Hashish making Genetics.
* Gorgeous purple, blue and pink specimen plants.
* True breeding and stable genetics
* Potent and with unique qualities of high.

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