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Chem D BX3

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Chem D BX3
Insane Seed Posse
interior, exterior, invernadero
mostly indica
~63 días
No disponible feminizadas.

Chemdawg D x (Chem 91 x pre-Invasion Afghan)
BX 'd to clones of the original mother (repeatedly).

Background: Around 1994, the ISP decided to put a Chem 91 in seed form. The reasons being, "clones only" can lose vigour (wane) over time, unless optimal conditions can be maintained; and we wanted her in seed form. So, we hit a Chem 91 (clone only mother) with a pre-invasion Afghan father (same source as A-Dawg), to create a two sexed line.

From 94 until 99, we maintained clones of the original mother, and kept selecting multiple males from the (Chem 91 x pre-Invasion Afghan offspring), using them to hit clones of the original mother, to tighten up all Chem 91 traits.

All offspring were tested, and only the, best of the best, were used to move the project forward. Around 2003, a father from that refined Chem 91 line, was used to hit a Chem D (clone only) mother we had obtained. Those were grown out, and multiple fathers from that cross, were used to hit clones of the original Chem D (clone only) mom. All offspring were tested, and only the best fathers were used on the Chem D (clone only) mother.

We went back to the original mother, three times, to tighten up all Chem D traits. That being said, Chem D BX3 can only be described as " One Bad Ass Strain". It's resin covered buds, have the punch to send seasoned stoners into the stratosphere. Very mind expanding, a Stellar "Head" High, with couch locking abilities as well.

It gets one thinking outside the box, Inspires Creativity, and Peaceful Thoughts. However, if over toked, it can totally freak out newbie smokers, so be warned, and avoid the Emergency Room visit.

Potency is a solid 8.5 out of 10
High Type: Creative, Soaring, Medicinal, and Debilitating if over toked.
Resin Profile: High Resin Production
Stretch: 1/2 to 1 times the veg height.
Odour Description: Sweet Earthy Funk, Skunky, with hints of Lemon & Pepper
Flavor Description: Sweet Earthy Funk, with hints of Lemon on the inhale, and sometimes hints of Pepper on the exhale.

Veg time: 40 to 45 days (min) 60 days veg is Best. Flowering time 56 to 70 days / 56 - 63 days gives more of an up head high / 63 - 70 days results in a stoned / couch lock high. The shift is quite dramatic / shocking in terms of effect. So, be sure to harvest at different windows to enjoy all this lady has to offer.

The best yields are obtained with a 60 day veg, and 70 day flowering period.

Yield: depends on growers skills. She's sensitive to temps above 82 F, and high humidity (over 60 % in flowering). She feeds medium to heavy, depending on the grow medium (CEC) rating. She can be grown in soil, sunshine mix, coco and hydro.

Yields 1 ounce minimum per gallon of grow medium (soil, sunshine mix, or coco), upwards to 2 ounces per gallon of grow medium (dialled in) / in Hydro 1 ounce per foot of vertical growth(min), upwards of 2.25 ounces per foot of vertical growth (dialled in).

Phenotypes (2)
Pheno # 1: is identical to the clone only mom, in branching, bud structure, smell, taste and potency. This pheno shows up 80 % of the time.
Pheno # 2: is slightly less branchy, but has identical bud structure, smell, taste, and potency. This pheno yields slightly less, than pheno one, and smells more skunky. This pheno shows up only 20% of the time.

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