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Nombre: Bullshark
Obtentor: Bulldog Seeds
Ubicación: interior, exterior
Tipo: mostly indica
Floración: ~56 días
Sólo disponible feminizadas.

The Bulldog Seeds - Bullshark

Pedigree: Great White Shark x Skunk #5
Indica/Sativa: 70/30
Flowering Time: 8 Weeks
Yield: 600/700 gr./sqm

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Conocidos Fenotipos:
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1.: larga, compacta, lenta floración, indica-dominante Fenotipo #1
2.: larga, estirada, rápida floración, sativa-dominante Fenotipo #1

Para esta variedad tenemos una entrada por 2 usuario(s). Aqui hay un pequeña vista general:

tiempo de la cosecha en exterior o al aire libre o guerrilla: Final de Septiembre +/- 2 Semanas in CmHmα climates.
Potencia / Duracion del efecto: La marihuana ni tan fuerte ni tan suave.
Produccion / Cantidad Outdoor: La cosecha de esta variedad es ligeramente arriba del promedio.
Impresion General Outdoor: lo tiene todo junto ligeramente por encima del promedio.
Las votaciones de nuestros usuarios: Bullshark obtener 5.67 de los 10 posibles puntos en el promedio!

¿Dónde se puede comprar esta variedad?

Bullshark de The Bulldog Seeds solo está disponible como semilla feminizada, no como semilla regular. En 10 tiendas / bancos de semillas encontramos 28 ofertas entre EUR 6.70 y EUR 792.46

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Comentarios de usuario sobre esta variedad:

al 11.02.2013, 22:35:Este comentario está conectado a un Perfil de Planta!

There are two phenos I recognised:
The Indica one is growing bushy with big leafs, mid-small internodes but a very thick stem. The crop of it makes you feel wanna sleep, you can prolong it for some time but then it takes you more and more.
The Sativa one is growing tall, fast and has less branches than the other one and the weed is much more fluffier. The crop of it is making you still feel sleepy, but it needs more time for that and it»s lasting longer.

Something else I have to say:
- They can grow both about 2m high, and 1-2m wide, depending of which pheno you have.
- The nodes are sometimes not at the same points and once there was a branche growing more on the leaf than on the stem.
- The amount is around 80-100g a plant if it is full grown.
- They didn«t have very enough light, but just enough to grow very big. So if you have some more light (nothing hiding) you will get them very fat, especially the buds the last two weeks where I had to slaughter before.
- Both phenos are making you like wanna eat everything you have in you»re whole house and you will be pleased about everything you can get ^^.
- I had a lot of sleepy highs with it but I can also record some funny time but don«t know depending on what.
- Be sure about where to dry^^. And don»t tell me nobody warned you. Catpiss fully describes my pain while sleeping. I«m that free to have a big backyard but no drying room ^^

Im not sure about recommending it. It»s good to sleep and maybe for medical use to, but not what I was looking for.
But if you still wanna grow it look out for the stretchy sativa one. It’s faster and last’s longer and I prefer the taste.

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