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Información oficial / Fundamentos sobre el Blue Heaven de Clone Only Strains

Blue Heaven
Clone Only
interior, exterior
mostly sativa
~67 días
Sólo disponible como cortes.

Created by DJ Short and developed by Dutch Passion, not available as seed anymore.

Dutch Passion: A very productive plant of high value as a medicinal herb. Bred for its euphoric, anti-anxiety high, this mostly sativa (approx. 75% Sativa 25% Indica) produces a comfortable and enjoyable, yet powerful, experience. The plants have long branches, making this beauty a great plant for "sea of green" gardens. It's a very consistent Purple variety. The quality is in the experience, not so much in the yield, which is average. Flowering period: 9 - 10 weeks Harvest time outdoor: Mid Nov.

DJ Short: "...the thing about Blue Heaven is that it takes more time and space to produce due to the fact that after it is selected, grown, crossed, seeded, the seeds grown, and the finished product from the seeds is allowed to cure, it needs to be re-tested for its anti-anxiety feature to assure authenticity. In other words, space/time constraints limit its current resurrection. BH will be re-released again someday. In the meantime, specimens can be found in either the Blueberry or Flo (possibly F13 as well) lines with an approx. ratio of 1:20 females (1:40 overall). Remember, it is completely dependent upon final analysis of finished product."

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