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Nombre: Bizarre
Obtentor: SickMeds Seeds
Ubicación: interior, exterior
Tipo: mostly indica
Floración: ~53 días
También disponible feminizadas.

SickMeds Seeds - Bizarre

Aka: Ultraviolet

Bizarre aka Ultraviolet is our very special hybrid and flagship strain bred specially for its intense reddish - purple colouring along with a sweet diesel taste.

This strain's origins are from a cross called "Boognish Rising" which is a cross of the famous Heath Robinson's Black Rose and Outlaw's Double Purple Doja. We have been doing some test growing and, with permission from the original breeder, we have decided to continue our purple journey. We have backcrossed it to our cut of Black Rose F9, and after running few test grows, we have crossed Boognish Rising BX with our pinkeye phenotype of Double Sour Diesel to add a strong influence of that beloved diesel taste.

This dominant Indica strain, will grow very well both indoors & outdoors. It responds well to topping and will quickly shoot up once it starts blooming. If not topped in its early stages, and if grown outdoors, she will stretch up to 3 times. Plants are normally ready for cropping in 50 - 55 days and it is an easy girl to grow. Yield averages from 400-450g per square meter and she does not require a lot of feeding.

Bizarre has several phenotypes ranging from Rotten Berry smells, Citrus Diesel and Spice smells all of most are purple.

Envelope your whole self in the blissful aroma of this sweet and spicy bud while experiencing complete euphoria and joy. Happy purple days free of pain and nausea! A connoisseur’s delight and a must for all lovers of purple buds!

Medical Uses: Insomnia, nausea, migraines, arthritis, anorexia

Type: Indica/Sativa 70/30
Line: Double Sour Diesel x Boognish Rising BX
Flowering: 50 - 55 Days
Ourdoor: Mid - Late September

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Comentarios de usuario sobre esta variedad:

al 29.08.2014, 02:50:

The seedlings came up purple !! That is a good start.
Nice to look at while growing.
The Femanized seeds made Male flowers on 50% of the plants. This occured in the first week of flowering. Overall all plants had PURPLE pollen sacks(males and females). Female plants are very purple when the plant is not "stressed" and she produces non-hermaphroditic flowers. I would NOT like to try any other genetics at this time !! There is an over all symmetrical phyllotaxy.
This was an easy plant to grow overall (if that matters). This plant needs very little water and/or nutrients.

Please keep in mind that all other seeds that were grown here are treated the same as any other medical plant. I treat all plants with care. I usually do not invest in femanized plants(GMO) however this was 'supposed' to be a medical plant.
It may be that this plant can not tolerate 4-5 months of vegging period.BUT i am not sure wat triggered these plants to stress out and become hermaphrodites !!!

I do NOT comprehend how Sannies, DJ Short, TGA and Grandaddy Purp genetics have not turned into hermaphrodites. In all of my growing experiences I have not encounterd such unstable genetics.

The worst thing about it all...Sick Med Seeds is NOW available on Attitude ...

Overall out of 10 seeds: 5 were hermaphrodites.

As a medical patient this is unacceptable.

I attempt to not write a bad comment, however I do honestly beleve that I should inform anyone who may like to know the truth.

Should anyone else have a similar experience please share.

informe spam

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