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Bermuda Pie Cake

Bermuda Pie Cake (Seed Junky Genetics) :: Recensión de la Variedad :: Indoor

Perfil de la Planta sobre la Bermuda Pie Cake (por Seed Junky Genetics)

Esta Descripciòn de la variedad es una expresion individual hecha por , subido el 04.11.2020.

Informaciòn acerca del crecimiento de las plantas:

Tiempo de Floracion en interior
entre 55 un 65 dias (promedio: 60 dias.)
Se estira despues del inicio de la floracion
Inicio de la floración en torno de 15 cm. - Altura Final en torno de 180 cm.
Comportamiento durante el crecimiento
Las ramas laterales
muy pequeña cantidad; largo así bien muy delgado y escaso.
Las plantas de esta variedad de cannabis...
...pueden colocarse muy juntas. necesitan muchos cuidados.
...son tolerantes a la sobre-o la sub-fertilización. necesita mucho ferilizante. son vulnerables a enfermedades fÚngicas. son suceptibles a los hongos.
...son suceptibles a las fluctuaciones de temperatura. tienen problemas por las temperaturas bajas. tienen problema por las altas temperaturas. ve y crece mas como una sativa.
...necesitan mucho espacio hacia arriba.
...sólo debe ser criado por los expertos. deben ser podadas mucho.
...penosamente crecen cogollos normales en sus ramas laterales.
...responden bien a la poda del tallo principal.

Cosecha , producciòn, Sabor, Aroma, potencia y efecto

Produccion / Cantidad
La cosecha de esta variedad es es para dar risa.
Brotes / Hojas
La proporción de los brotes a las hojas es ligeramente abajo del promedio.
Estructura del cogollo
El secado del cogollo es muy flojos y sin forma.

Impresion General

Bermuda Pie Cake (Seed Junky Genetics)

lo tiene todo junto no la recomiendo para nada
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Más información

ak47seed dice

Very simply the worst strain i have ever grown. Ive been growing indoors for 12 years now. From recent auto strains, to feminized, and regular. A lot of sensichr(039)s back in the days, loads of dinafem and barneys. In total i habe grown between 40 and 50 strains. This one is BY FAR the worst i have ever had from absolutely any aspect. first of all it is very tall and lanky. longest internodal space i have ever seen. Strecthes a lot. Branches are very weak. I thought this woul be good as i would have a lot of penetration and get big buds from top to bottom but here comes the 2nd worst part... the yield...; The buds are very tiny, and since internodal space is wide there are very few of them. My plants were all more than 6 feet high and i got 50 grams per plant. You might think that i used bad gear? actually ive used these clones to compare different lighting and nutrients. I had 6 clones and used differnt high end nutrient lines, plagron, hy-pro, remo, cyco, ive noticed differences but the low yields did not came from the nutrients. as far as lighting is concerned i had some under 600w hps, and others under 480w quantum boards and 1 spectrum king 402 led. growing conditions were perfect, i did not have any single issue with fertilising, not a single burn. This grow was absolutely perfect from every single aspect, top notch gear, great nutes, perfect conditions, so i am sure that this strain is just the worst piece of shit i have ever had in my life. Paying this much for regular seeds to end up with such a bad strain is absolutely ridiculous. This micro breeder thing is just a stupid trend, ive had better results with some cheap autoflowering strains..; thanks seed junkies for wasting my time, nutes and electricity for this absolute bullshit strain. (04.11.2020, 14:38)