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Nombre: BC Bubblegum
Obtentor: BC Bud Depot
Ubicación: interior, exterior
Tipo: mostly indica
Floración: ~60 días
No disponible feminizadas.

B.C. Bud Depot - BC Bubblegum

Genetics: 65% Indica / 35% Sativa
Specifics: BC Bubblegum IBL
Flowering Time: Indoors: 8-9 weeks
Outdoors: Early October

The BC Bubblegum is back! This strain is legendary for its sweet smell and euphoric high. A British Columbia stabilized Bubblegum IBL, we are not exactly sure where this strain first originated. It is easy to handle, making it a good choice for beginners. Take care to flower early if height restrictions apply. It has a wonderful fruity/bubblegum taste. Bubblicious!

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Linaje / Genealogía

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